Tuesday, July 19, 2011

terrible t tues "to do"

Wow! I did a number reeling you in there with that alliteration didn't I?

why is this picture here? i have no answer.
to prove my hair isn't that gross when i don't wash it?

terrible t tues "to do"

  1. stay in pj's until 6:00 PM
  2. make lee play 4 games of carcasonne before he goes to work
  3. get the master to call in sick to work so we can hang out
  4. watch the bachelorette on hulu
  5. clean my car for 2 HOURS (just the interior)
  6. wash my car for the first time since I bought it a year ago
  7. give Biff a Bathe
  8. take a shower and put on mascara to go to yoga class
    (srsly, I did this; don't want to stink everyone out before class even starts)
  9. continue my 7 day streak of not washing my hair
  10. add "give in to me" (from country strong) to an online playlist
  11. listen to it approximately 148 times
  12. find someone to go with me to harry potter
  13. eat my weight in vegetables
  14. admire my sparkly pink toe nails
  15. go to the bank
I think there might be a correlation between me not washing my hair and not having friends to see HP with.. what do you think?

umm... yeah, pretty much in love with this song

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