Sunday, July 10, 2011

Running like Elvis

Yesterday I ran the Hobbler Half Marathon and I totally won!
Um, not really, if you believed me then, wow, you are kind of gullible.

I should have probably gotten some kind of award for pulling an, "Elvis" face for this picture my dad took.

What's that you say, you can't see the elvis face? Okay, here it is closer up.

I can't wait 'til the professional race photos get posted online so I can make you guys look at more. Race photos are awesome because people generally look like death in them. At least I looked like Elvis instead of death. Trust me guys, I felt like death! Sometimes I wonder what would be worse giving birth or running a full on marathon? Someone tell me. I think I want to do whichever is worse first, so that the other will seem like a cake walk. Sound logic right?


Special for you, I made this really awesome photo strip, sort of like a comic strip. It basically tells a story; no words necessary.

Okay, maybe some words are necessary: this is just me, passing two grown men at the finish line.
It's cool.
They never saw me coming.
Just kidding, if this was last year, this picture would be of me starting to sprint to the end and running out of gas and having to jog really slow. True story. Super embarrassing. This time I made sure to save some energy to look awesome at the end.

I finished in 1:52:58 for anyone who cares about that stuff.
My goal was to finish in under 2 hours, but I also had a secret goal to finish in under 1:50, but last time I was 2:15 so I am stoked.

I could tell you guys a bunch of fun stories about the race, but it's weird how I don't think anyone cares! So I will spare you the details. More to come soon about adventures where Lee and I actually got off our couch and went somewhere!


Jessica Zincke said...

Congrats again, that time really is so awesome!

Amie and Jesse said...

man i wish i was awesome like you and could run a half marathon! i really want to start running again but i just dont have the motivation or a running partner! but way to go!