Saturday, December 1, 2012

no photos, plenty of nonsense, and also sears

Call the cops! Something is up; I am actually doing it.  I am blogging.  Just be prepared.  There will be no photos.  But there will be nonsense.

My camera broke; my camera which I paid $14 for on the clearance (or CLRX as I refer to it in my head) at Sears.  Oh I used to find the most amazing deals there when I worked there for 6 years.  6 YEARS! In retail! And I lived to tell about.  I cannot shop at Sears anymore, when I go there everything seems too expensive.

This is how shopping used to work when I lived, and died, and breathed, the Sears.

Step 1. See an item you LOVE.
Step 2.  Visit it, about once a week checking for it to go on sale.
Step 3.  Watch it, do other people love it?  Is it selling? Will it last until clearance time?
Step 4.  Constantly refigure the price in your mind including the employee discount and tax, until you find a price that suits you.
Step 5. Buy it for an absurd discount.

(On two separate occasions, I bought the most lovely 500 thread count sheets for something ridiculous like $15!)

Oh, I loved shopping at Sears when I had a discount and visited my items to say hello.  Even though I have an amazing job, sometimes I weirdly miss working at that stupid retail store.  Maybe it's just so tender to my heart because I met my husband there.

I do know this.  The last year I worked there, I was so done; I think I might have hung myself eventually, with a vacuum cord.  So I will never go back there (to work).

Back in the day, when I was looking for my first teaching job and I had seven job interviews and no job, I thought to myself, if I don't get a job by X date, I will just give up and follow this inevitable course my life path is on.  I will apply to be a department manager at Sears.  Let's just say I am so very, very happy I am a teacher and not working 60 hour thankless work weeks during Christmas, even though I would be making more money and even though I sometimes feel like I work long thankless weeks, but it's for so much a better cause.

Money isn't everything, people.  Now what is the post even about?  Apparently, Sears.  Which is not what I had in mind when I began.  Life is so strange like that.  I love making plans, but plans often seem to be tossed out the window.

Today I have plans to put away my groceries that are still sitting on the counter, make prepackaged soup to take the ward Christmas party (and pretend I made it), and finally, finally decorate my Christmas tree.

We'll see what the day truly has in store.


Jessica said...

Ok, I could've written most of that about Sears. How weird is it that we both met our husbands there, along with half the other people we worked with?! And yes, sometimes I do miss it...mostly the people though. And the deals we could get were awesome. LOL at the hanging yourself with a vacuum cord...can't say that didn't cross my mind a time or two. ;)

laura said...

I worked at J.Crew one year and it made it so hard for me to shop there again. Also, it helped that I was in grad school and teaching right after I quit. So I was not dealing with a ton of disposable income. I have put some good years between me and my time at J.Crew so I can shop there again without thinking about my employee discount. But I still like to tell people about the riding boots I got for $20 and the double cloth lady day coat I got for $40. Those were good times.

Bethany said...

Oh, I miss you Tiffany. I love that you wrote clrx. We had some good times and some great deals!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

Isn't weird how working somewhere can just change how you view it completely! haha Oh restaurants are the worse for that haha

Cait the Arty Runnerchick said...

money isn't everything is so spot on. that said, it's funny to think back to past jobs and oddly miss them in some ways but also know how they drove u darn near insane at the time. so it's nice to just go back for quick visits...that way u can leave before u hang urself with a cord. :P

The Olsen's said...

So excited that my blog stalking today resulted in finding you! You' re such a good and entertaining writer! I noticed you have my VERY old blog address. The new one is...