Sunday, October 14, 2012

dreaming of a white.....

I am dreaming of a white Christmas, but I am also dreaming of a white couch. 

Yes, a lovely white loveseat for my formal living room which I like to call a parlor, because why not?

This is the white couch I want... lovely and cheap from the IKEA.  Just trying to keep it classy.

I have this puppy though, with black fur.  He doesn't shed much, although he does think he's the king of the castle and he is usually allowed on things like couches and beds.   After all, we are horrible dog owners and our dog doesn't think he's a dog.  He thinks he's people.  Not only do I have this silly puppy, but, one day I might actually have small children running around this place (running around with small smudgy fingers) but who knows about these things really?

So.. white couches.

Please discuss.  In the comments.   Pros and Cons.


laura said...

I had a white ikea couch and a couch-sitting puppy, once upon a time (still have the pup, couch is gone). I mean, if you do some scotch-guard-type-whatever you do to couches, and then you can take the covers off of everything and wash/bleach it as needed (and oh did mine need it), I could, maybe your couch is different? but oh taking everything off hurt my feelings. And putting it back on again hurt my feelings some more. I've been thinking about this a lot lately because I desperately want a white bedding set but fear that it will suffer the same dingy fate.

sarahannnoel said...

I have that couch from Ikea, except I have it in chocolate brown. You know, I thought that would be the color to hide everything. Yet between our Aussie (who does shed a lot) and a toddler, I find myself scrubbing stains and vacuuming dog hair at least once a week anyway?! Ha! So I say, if you like white and are willing to put the work into it, go for it!

That said, on the bedding thing--I thought having all-white bedding would be fine because I could just rip it off and wash it whenever it got dingy. But eventually it just wasn't worth the work to me any more.

The couch I seem more willing to maintain. So I guess it's the time you're willing to put in!

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