Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You don't want to miss the fire dancers.

Let's go back in time.

Picture it.  Sicily. 1925.

Hold up, Sofia Patrillo.  I'm telling the story here.  Don't go back that far.

Picture it.  Hawaii. 2008.

We are actually standing in line to go to the luau I speak of in the story.

Lee and I had just spent a lovely day on the beach in Maui and had plans to go to a luau later that day.  The master is going to take a nap and I am in charge of important stuff like calling to pay for tickets to the luau and watching synchronized swimming in the 08' Olympics.

I am on the phone with the travel agent lady and I ask her about paying for the tickets.  She informs me of different prices for different seating areas.  There is a cheaper price for your basic seats and a higher price for some "upgraded" seats.  As I contemplate, a la Rebecca Black, (Which seat should I take? and all that) I ask the agent if she thinks it's worth it for the better seats.  Are they that much better?  Why should I pay more?

And she says, "I would sit up closer, You don't want to miss the fire dancers!"

Fire dancers? This is pretty exciting stuff.  I think about waking Lee up for a second opinion, but decide against it since he is the grumpiest person on the planet for about 15 minutes after waking up.
I buy the upgraded tickets. You know, YOLO!

Lee wakes up, I tell him the story, and the ever-budget-minded man/voice of reason is disappointed with my choice.  I soothe his irritation by telling him it will all be worth it for those wonderful fire dancers.

We drive to the luau.  We wait in line.  We get inside.  We find our seats. Our more expensive, premiere, up close and personal seats, only to discover every seat in the house is basically equal.  There is nowhere that you can see better than anywhere else.  Thanks a lot. Lady.

Herein lies where I was wrong.  Lee was right.  And a tradition is born.  

Every time I am offered something to buy that is upgraded or seems unnecessary, Lee gives me the same sage financial advice and I will share it with you now, for you and your children to benefit from.

"Don't forget.  You don't want to miss the fire dancers."

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