Monday, July 9, 2012

mo money mo problems

This is what it looks like when Biff tries to tell me to stop blogging and take him for a walk.
I try to remind him that it's 90 degrees out and he will just lay down in the shade after a while and pant for at least a half an hour following it, but he just doesn't understand reasoning and logic?

Whatever happened to cooking for two tuesdays? Nobody knows.  My computer has a few files with pics of dinners waiting to be shared, but somehow it just never happens.  So what does any good procrastinator do when in the middle of a project and you have been stalled? Obviously, any good procrastinator knows you should start a new project.  Am I right?

So, a new feature/theme is about to enter this blog.

Wait. For. It....


And it will be fun. shockingly. mostly just little anecdotes about funny experiences related to budgeting, reading a plethora of finance novels, and some pretty common sense crap that you should already know like: don't spend money you don't have. you know really deep stuff like that. maybe even some Suze Orman. Where did those capitals come from? I thought they were on strike for this paragraph? Weird!

Did you know I almost changed my major from elementary education to accounting at the last second, but somehow I decided against the change.  It was a close call, that one.  Sometimes I dream of crunching numbers all day in a cubicle while actually secretly playing tetris a la Office Space, but then I realize there wouldn't be any ten year olds to say really awesome things to me like,

"It looks like you had a hole in your skirt and tried to sew it up yourself?" (maybe because I did)


"What is that on your chin?" (a pimple)


"I think you should bring Biff to school." (me too)


"What is a romantic movie to go see in the theater" (What?! Why?!)

Needless to say I love my job.   And I am not an expert on money, but for some reason I feel like telling you some funny stories about money, lattes, living in trailers, and fire dancers. It will all make sense later.  I'm just trying to reel you in.


laura said...

I'm kind of excited about the financial advice (totally with you on the stupid upgrades, I've been burned with those too!). And I think you should pepper the financial info with cute things your kids say! I miss cute student comments.

his little lady said...

oh gosh, 90 degrees definitely calls for just staying inside. and i'm definitely excited for these financial advices too. need it! ;)
xo TJ