Friday, March 2, 2012

good-bye february

good-bye to this month for lovers

 goodbye lovely magnets from the antique treasures mall...
on second thought maybe you can stay a while longer

good-bye snowboarding adventure, we probably won't make it out again this year

goodbye silly postcard, time for you to go into my secret shoe box of treasures
I guess boys do listen (sometimes) when you tell them your hopes and wishes
the best part of this sweet card is the back.
There is a message (in cursive) that says: 

Dear Hazle,
How are you feeling?
I just passed into the last part of 
the Third Grade.
from, Francess

Biff wants to say good-bye to our new throw pillows,which he shows me when he spends ten minutes trying to get them off that chair because (in his mind) that is his spot and the pillows are in the way.
They are something we won't be saying good-bye to.

good-bye flowers
dear lee: you are right, they are too expensive, and they don't last very long,
 but my memory will last forever.

The last thing we said good-bye to this month was my sweet grandpa.  I remember there was a time during my high school years when I lived under the same roof as this grandfather.  I can recall many times when he would ask where his loving companion (my grandmother) was.  We would sadly remind him that she was no longer with us.  I believe they are together again now.  How appropriate for them to be reunited in this month for lovers. 

Do you believe that those you have loved will be with you after passing?
I do.  This is why.

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laura said...

I really hope so. This year, my husband got really sick and we thought he might be dying (of cancer). I used to call my best friend from NYC crying and ask her to tell me about Mormon heaven again. like I was five years old and it was a bedtime story. but it was the only thing that brought me comfort while I Googled blood tests and prognoses. It isn't like the Protestant heaven I grew up learning about precludes families being together, but it wasn't like it was the point. you know?