Friday, June 1, 2012

epic fail

Lee really hates when people say epic fail.
But I have to tell you, me + photo challenge = epic fail

That's all...

The more days passed, the more I procrastinated posting, because there were too many days to make up for.  I even failed the cooking posts.

Just for a photo, here's a photo I've never posted of a project I did last year.
No, I did not make it up, yes I copied it.  Feel free to be offended.  Directions Here. 

Instead of blogging I've been...
  1. Running miles and miles and miles (my marathon is in ONE WEEK)!
  2. Teaching children (who are our future) obviously this is very time consuming and important.
  3. Watching The Bachelorette, Modern Family, and New Girl on Hulu ---obviously time consuming and unimportant.
  4. Going to lots of girl/date/lunches/and bridal shower things.
  5. Having our family photos with Lee's family rescheduled three times.
  6. Going to an annual 5th grade hoe down (pretty much Lee's favorite night of the year, I drag him out of the house and make him dance with me in front of a bunch of ten year old kids).
  7.  Upon receiving golf clubs for my birthday from Lee, we've gone out to practice my swing at the driving range; after realizing there is a strong correlation between proper swing form and Vanna White's Jeopardy poses I have greatly improved.
 Any tid bits of advice for my marathon next week?

 These are my goals:
  1. Don't Die.
  2. Don't want to die during it.
  3. Finish the race.
  4. Don't faint.
  5. Don't puke.  (I'm on a ten year vomit free streak)
  6. Don't hate it at the end.
  7. Enjoy the day.


Jessica said...

I heard this as advice for a marathon - You've put in the hard work, now enjoy the day and the experience...
I'm so excited to hear how it goes for you! I will be there next year! :)

And I hope you don't throw up...Proud to say that I have NO idea the last time I threw it's probably been at least 10 years for me too.

Amy said...

Love all the don'ts, like don't die, hahaha, made me LAUGH. I'm sure you're going to do AMAZING!! And if posting a project from last year is what it takes to do a post, do it! I love reading your thoughts.