Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cooking for Two Tuesday

I have decided that it is time.  Time for me to have a little something I will call a weekly feature.  Hopefully it will help me to update my blog at least once a week and add some variety to the creativity going on in my kitchen!

So I am happy to announce Cooking for Two Tuesday.  So this is all wonderful and exciting. This is how it will work: Every Tuesday I am going to post something I made for dinner in the past week (hopefully something different each week).  I am excited about this because I have heard a lot of people say that cooking for two is a waste/pain and I have also heard some people say it is difficult to come up with/make healthy dinners.

Now I am not going to say I am super healthy, because I am not, but I am going to try to post healthy dinners.

And before you even ask/wonder, yes, I really do eat that much broccoli, but I will try not to have broccoli in every dinner I post.

And second of all, I just think you should be aware, one of my main goals in planning/cooking dinners is to use whatever fresh produce is available before it goes bad, so this means I include a lot of produce.  I usually get my produce from bountiful baskets.  Which I posted about once before, remember? When you buy these you get a lot of fruits and veggies and I try really hard to make sure we don't waste it.

So without further ado here is our first featured dinner:

Prepared in 20 minutes from start to finish.

BLT Sandwiches
Steamed Broccoli

Items needed:
broccoli, half of a cucumber, one tomato, one pomegranate, lettuce, bread, bacon, mayo, and I also used, but did not photograph: butter, salt, & pepper.

The thing that takes the longest in this dinner is steaming broccoli (15 minutes including water heat up) & cooking the bacon, also about 15 minutes. So I begin by cooking those items and then working on washing, preparing, and cutting the rest of the produce while those are cooking.

You might have noticed I added an egg to one of the sandwiches for a little extra protein, so that's another/different option.

If you are wondering how I got that pomegranate into that adorable little bowl just check out this video. Youtube is my secret weapon when it comes to cooking. 

What are you cooking tonight?

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