Thursday, December 15, 2011

gifts from kids

now this student really knows me

getting gifts from kids is the best.
whether it's a macaroni necklace or a homemade card, gifts from kids are so much more original and full of thought than most gifts from adults.

this random calendar of dogs doing yoga poses totally made my day.

PS: I wish I could give gifts (and shop for them) with the same innocence and wonder a child does.


The Dayleys said...

They ran the Rocky Raccoon down in Texas. one 100, and six 50. My aunt had to drop due to heart problems I believe. They are all going back down this February to run it again. Crazy family runners. Then a lot of them will run the Squaw Peak 50 here in June. Then my Aunt and Uncle will try to get in the Wasatch 100 this September.

sarahannnoel said...

I love that last line about shopping for gifts with the innocence and wonder of a child. It would be amazing to live life like a little kid and one of my favorite parts of being a new mom--seeing things through my baby's eyes!

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